Dakar Rally Competitors Celebrate Podium With Marriage Proposal

If you’d just finished the Dakar Rally on two wheels, how would you want to celebrate? For Yamaha teammates Javi Vega and Sara Garcia, completing the most demanding race in the world was the perfect occasion for a marriage proposal — and yes, it was successful.


After completing the Dakar, both Sara Garcia and Javi Vega stepped up to the podium to celebrate their accomplishments after competing in the Original by Motul category — which basically means that both competitors competed in the race with no assistance from outside sources. So, not only were they riding, but they were serving as their own mechanics and crew. That said, Garcia and Vega offered one another support along the way.

As they celebrated, Vega pulled a ring out of his firesuit and got down on one knee to ask Garcia to marry him. In her excitement, Garcia forgot to answer until Vega prompted her. She said ‘yes.’

Dakar is never easy, but Garcia has had a more difficult time than most this year. While she was quarantining ahead of the rally, Garcia tested positive for COVID-19 where boyfriend Vega didn’t. Her participation in the event was up in the air, but she was finally allowed to take the start.

Now, I’m normally not one for public proposals, especially during times when a woman is celebrating her accomplishments — but I’ll give this one a pass. Garcia and Vega shared this event together, which is something that most couples wouldn’t even dream of attempting, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by deciding you’re going to face all of life’s other challenges together. There’s no better victory than that.

Now please excuse me while I convince my husband that we need to renew our vows as a husband-wife team competing in the Mint 400.

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