Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Now Making Weird Sandwiches For A Good Cause

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Now Making Weird Sandwiches For A Good Cause
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The Dale Jr. Special of bananas and mayonnaise on white bread has taken on a life of its own. We had a chuckle at the weird combo, and some of us even tried it. The consensus seemed to be “not bad.” (Personally, I think it may just need pork roll.) So, now Junior’s harnessing the power of Thee Sandwich for charity.

Junior took the opportunity to joke about the non-bizarre eating habits of the general public with a video of his JR Motorsports team enjoying the snack. More importantly, he opened up, which leads to a Dale Jr. Foundation donation form for Blessings In a Backpack, a charity dedicating to ending food insecurity for school children.


(Point of order: As Jalopnik’s resident mayonnaise aficionado, I don’t recommend storing a mayonnaise sandwich in a desk drawer. Please keep your strange mayo-and-things combinations refrigerated until it’s time to eat them.)


Of course, Blessings in a Backpack may provide more nutritional foodstuffs than straight-up bananas and mayo. They step in to feed needy children when free and reduced meal programs at school can’t help—on weekends when school’s closed.

JR Motorsports team sponsor Hellman’s immediately called Dale Jr. on his $50,000 donation matching bluff by donating $50,000 themselves, meaning there’s already $100,000 donated towards feeding needy kids.

Honestly, this is the best thing that could come of a mayonnaise-based item that even I think might be a tad weird and gross. (And I eat mayonnaise straight out of the jar!)


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