Dani Pedrosa Is The Retired Rider We Should All Want To Be

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It’s hard to have regrets when you’re a retired legendary MotoGP rider, but the fact that Dani Pedrosa left the sport without a championship has to continue to weigh on him. After winning the 125cc championship and two 250cc championships all in a row Honda moved him up into MotoGP on a rocketship path to the top. After 13 seasons of almosts and what could have beens, Pedrosa retired at the end of 2018. His story is an interesting one.

This mini documentary from Red Bull’s motorsport media machine manages to keep your attention for the full 32 minutes. Considering the exciting and interesting life that Dani Pedrosa has led, it almost feels like it could be ten times longer. The guy is a monster on a motorcycle, and a hero for many Spanish riders.

In the course of this video, you get to see the path that Dani walked to get where he is today, the myriad injuries and crashes that led to his decision to retire, and you get to see the bike that Deus Ex Machina in Southern California built (which rules, btw) to commemorate his career in the highest level of two-wheeled competition in the world.

Here’s another shorter video that gives a few more details about “The Silent Samurai” custom motorcycle.

I certainly have a better understanding of who Pedrosa is after watching this, and a respect for what he’s been through. It’s a wild ride, and worth a good watch.


And remember kids, ATGATT.

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