Dark Cloud 2 announced for PlayStation 4 next week, and there was much rejoicing

Dark Cloud 2

It’s the big one! The one we’ve all been waiting for! Even before Sony announced official emulation for PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation 4, Dark Cloud 2 was one of the first games to suggest it was happening when its rating leaked.

Now it’s official. Fans who have begged Sony for years to bring this excellent action RPG to the PlayStation 3 can enjoy it in full blooming HD starting next week on the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation Blog confirmed a Jan. 19 release during its most recent edition of its podcast, PlayStation Blogcast.

Dark Cloud 2 joins its brethren, Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy, as all three major Level-5 games published by Sony have been made available on modern consoles for the first time. Of the three, Dark Cloud 2 is the most fondly remembered for its gorgeous cel-shaded visuals, wacky item creation system, random dungeon generation, photography system, town construction and golf.

Yes, this is a rabbit hole that goes very deep, and when played properly, it can possibly last you until the end of 2016. Best sure to check it out.

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