Dark Souls III is already being beaten in less than 90 minutes

Dark Souls III isn’t even out yet on a global scale, but that’s not stopping gamers from taking to it and speedrunning it en masse. Two gamers have cleared it in less than 90 minutes.

The game released in Japan a bit ago, and, thanks to an exploit, folks around the world were temporarily able to snap up the Japanese version with English language options on the Xbox One.

Japanese YouTuber muzi_nasu beat the game in one hour, 23 minutes and 18 seconds (1:29:10 with loading screens). His closest competition currently is Twitch streamer Distortion2 who beat the game in 1:27:45 (1:34:05 with loading screens). The crazy thing about Distortion2’s run? He beat all the optional bosses in the game while muzi_nasu did not.

We’re still in the process of reviewing Dark Souls III, though Eric posted his brief impressions after 30 hours of play. I guess he’s elected not to speedrun the game.

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