Data remains a vital part of the marketing world

“One of the biggest things that brands struggle with is figuring out attribution, and how you continue to spend money even though you may have lost some signal into the platform,” says Greg Gillman, chief revenue officer of LA-based performance marketing agency MuteSix, “If Facebook skews too heavily, and Google is on last click, then sometimes it looks like things are never working. To help companies make informed business decisions, we are building statistical models that show information at higher-than-the-platform level.”

Another week, another growth recap. TechCrunch has been busy working to expand not only our staff editorial content, like Anna Heim’s interview with MuteSix this week, we’re also working on increasing our guest posts as well for growth marketing. In this recap, we have an article from guest columnist Jonathan Metrick, an episode of the Equity podcast that features Metrick, TechCrunch Managing Editor Danny Crichton and TechCrunch Senior Editor Mary Ann Azevedo.

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Marketer: Kevin Miller, GR0

Recommended by: Leeann Schudel, The Word Counter

Testimonial: “Super detailed analysis of the space and what keywords to target that would move the needle the most. There is a full dedicated SEO team that communicates weekly at the minimum and provides in-depth analysis. They are very transparent with their strategies and explain all moves they are making on their end and how it will benefit our company. Super easy and flexible to work with, aren’t stingy on deliverables and are always there as a consultant.”

Marketer: Subfolder

Recommended by: Hayley Sonntag, Podium

Testimonial: “They delivered an end-to-end content marketing program that drives 150,000+ organic website visitors every month.”

Marketer: Jordan Banafsheha, icepop

Recommended by: Mini Dreamers

Testimonial: “He had experience in e-commerce and impressed us on our first call with how detailed and thorough he was with his plan.”

Marketer: Mike Le, CB/I Digital

Recommended by: Tony Drockton, Hammitt

Testimonial: “In the two years of conversations I’ve only spoken to a few people that are so analytical and data-driven. His unique in-house algorithms to scale spend have allowed us to maintain the hypergrowth (60%) that we’re on.”


Recommended by: Stephanie Bregman, Manly Bands

Testimonial: “I have worked with Visiture in the past. They have great attention to detail and really listen to their clients. Their ability to write great optimized content and perform outreach is what makes them stand out from other agencies and helped grow our ranked keywords faster than any other agency could. They have also helped us with our email flows and strategy and have been a great partner.”


Recommended by: Luke Oehlerking, Zenernet

Testimonial: “We were looking for a team focused on marketing that can truly move the needle with measurable results. And we wanted a company that can function as an extension of our own team, which Tuff seems to do exceedingly well at!”

Performance marketing agency MuteSix bets on content and data to boost DTC e-commerce: Anna spoke with Greg Gillman from MuteSix as part of our TechCrunch Experts series. This interview dives into performance marketing, what differentiates MuteSix from other agencies and the importance of data. Gillman says, “There’s one other piece that I think is super important and usually overlooked: first-party data. We work with brands to try and acquire as much of that first-party data as possible, segment it and use it, because that’s what they’d be left with if Facebook shut off tomorrow.” Read the full interview to find out what other pieces of data MuteSix focuses on.

(Extra Crunch) Use cohort analysis to drive smarter startup growth: Jonathan Metrick’s guest column explains not only what cohort analysis is, but why it’s important — especially to startups, using Black Friday in November of 2020 as an example. Metrick says, “Savvy marketers can go further and leverage cohort analysis to remove biases hidden within averages or blended metrics. One way to do this is segmenting ARPU by paid and organic channels, which allows you to gauge the sustainability of your customer growth.”

TikTok, influencers on the clock: Metrick joined the Equity crew to lend his expertise about growth marketing, especially in the ever-changing COVID-19 world. This episode is a must-listen.

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