Datsun 260Z, Very Far Away, For Sale

A 1974 Datsun 260Z, over there, no need to walk over, just zoom in on that bad boy, is currently for sale for $500 in Oklahoma City.

The condition of the car, too far to get up and walk over to, is unknown, in that it is far away and hard to see clearly. The seller describes it simply on Craigslist:

The car has been parked for many years, its all there. rebuilt straight 6 with 4 barrel carb conversion. Alloy wheels, flared fender kit. Will need trailer for pickup. Please text and I will call back.


Indeed it is all there. There being over there, not here. Could we get up and go to it? Drive over even? Take a look at that interior and see how it’s holding up? Nah, no need. It’s a ‘74 Datsun for $500. You can take a guess.

The listing is here. Feel free to check up on it, the seller certainly does not seem to want to.

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