Dead Island Definitive Edition install will vary by platform due to “limitations”

If you pick up Dead Island Definitive Edition on disc, your experience is going to be slightly different depending on which platform you pick it up on.

On the Xbox One, you’ll be able to install both games right off the disc – Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide‘s remastered editions are both there and ready to enjoy.

If you buy it on PlayStation 4, though, you’ll get Dead Island on disc and a download code for Dead Island Riptide.

What’s up with that? Deep Silver explained in a statement to Gamespot, kind of:

“There are limitations where you are unable to have multiple multiplayer experiences on the same disc, unfortunately we can’t comment further.”

Interestingly, other games have multiple games on the same disc, and even other games with multiplayer experiences in each game have managed it as well in the case of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

In a comment on Twitter, Deep Silver clarified further, explaining that PlayStation 4 requires that you have a separate menu. It sounds like they made a decision between spending money to print the codes or spending money to develop and perform quality assurance on the menu system, and decided on the lesser expenditure. This will be frustrating for PlayStation 4 fans at both the beginning and end of the game’s lifespan. If you buy it, you have to do this huge download to get the second game. When you sell it? Well, half the product is missing compared to the Xbox One counterpart.

If you’re planning on picking up Dead Island Definitive Edition when it hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 31, keep that in mind.

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