Devils’ new alternate jersey dropped and it is certainly a jersey

No, really, this is the Devils’ new alternate jersey. We think.

No, really, this is the Devils’ new alternate jersey. We think.
Image: Twitter: @GTAC13jerseys

Is it real?

It’s real enough that it exists and has been photographed.

Whether or not it’s really real, and whether we’ll ever see it in real life in a real hockey game… well, for now let’s just enjoy the Devils’ purported new alternate jersey.


There certainly is no doubt that it is a jersey. It says so right on it. “Jersey.” Perhaps they will wear it with pants that say “Pants” on them in a jaunty script, and they can put “Helmet” on their helmets. A hockey team after Richard Scarry’s heart if there ever was one.

The shoulder yoke stripes scream Adidas, while also completely clashing with the sleeve stripes. It’s a really weird look and worse than the “Jersey” script across the front, which while incredibly silly, has tremendous humor value.

Also, while the “Jersey” seems kind of familiar, it isn’t anywhere to be found in the Devils’ uniform or logo history. That’s because the Nets once had “New Jersey” in script on their road jerseys.

Those road duds lived up to their name, as duds and as labeled “New Jersey.” They only lasted two seasons, never becoming old jerseys. The Devils are cleverly getting around that potential pitfall, if this really is their plan, by not using “New,” just “Jersey.”

Even if this isn’t real… now it kind of needs to be.

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