DIY Amazon Echo with a Raspberry Pi – Here’s Amazon’s guide

Want an Amazon Echo? Don’t wanna spend the cash and prefer a DIY approach? Amazon has you covered.

The company recently published a guide to GitHub that will walk you through how to get Amazon’s Alexa Voice Software up and running on a Raspberry PI.

You just need a couple of “ingredients” before you get started, including a Model B Raspberry Pi 21, a microUSB power cable, a microSD card, an Ethernet cable, a USB 2.0 mini microphone, a USB keyboard and mouse, an external HDMI monitor and an optional Wi-Fi wireless adapter.

All told, excluding the monitor and keyboard and mouse that you don’t need after setup, you’re looking at spending under $60.

Amazon’s guide will show you how to setup the Raspberry Pi, how to install SSH on it, how to setup a VNC server and other software and, ultimately, how to get the Raspberry Pi working with Alexa Voice Software (AVS.) It’s too long to explain here, so just jump over to Github in the source below. It’s a perfect weekend project!

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