Domino’s unveils amazing pizza-delivering robot

Domino’s unveiled a self-driving robot this week that’s capable of delivering your pizza without human help. Watch out pizza delivery boys, this adorable robot is coming for your jobs.

Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU) was developed by the pizza chain’s Australian branch with help from local startup Marathon Robotics. It uses LIDAR sensors just like Google’s self-driving cars, along with GPS tracking based on Google Maps. It can avoid obstacles and even take shortcuts where a full-sized car can’t drive.

To keep your pizza protected, DRU’s food compartment stays locked while making deliveries. Once it arrives at the set destination, you’ll need a special mobile code to unlock your food. At that point, a special compartment will rise up from the robot’s head, revealing separate heated and cooled slots.

DRU will be tested initially in New Zealand, and Domino’s is working with the local government to set up areas where its robot can roam. If the trial is a success we may eventually see the same robots delivering pizzas all over the world.

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