Dragon Quest Builders launch trailer – Rebuilding Alefgard with blocks

Dragon Quest Builders is now available for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and Square Enix has released a new trailer detailing all you’ll need to know about this latest title.

The world is in ruin, the legendary hero has turned his back on his people. The only way to bring back this once prosperous kingdom is to build it from the ground up. Do you have what it takes?

The time has come to rise as a Legendary Builder in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS! Take up the mallet in a tale of epic proportions and explore a vast sandbox world where you will gather materials, craft items, and build everything imaginable to save the world and its people!

Only you have the power of imagination and creativity to bring hope to the people of Alefgard. It’s up to you to use this power in battle against the evil Dragonlord and his treacherous minions to restore peace and rebuild the shattered realm!

Why it matters

Dragon Quest Builders has been hyped for offering an entry level game into both the Dragon Quest franchise and the building games similar to Minecraft. Square Enix’s title has scored worldwide praise for its simplistic fun, deep building mechanics, and accessibility. Many have reported, including us in our glowing impressions from the demo, that the game offers all the fun of Minecraft but in much easier doses to swallow.

Those turned off by the scale and infinite options in Minecraft will find the barrier much lower in this game.

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