Dragon Quest producer acknowledges fan demand, hints you should petition for DQXI

Acknowledgement really is the sweetest candy. Dragon Quest producer Yu Miyake came to the Nintendo Treehouse today and opened up on the controversial localization of his franchise, controversial in that it happens only once every few years.

Luckily, we find ourselves on the upswing with Dragon Quest Builders, Dragon Quest Heroes, and Dragon Quest VII and VIII for the Nintendo 3DS all confirmed for a North American release. What once seemed like an impossible dream has only come true because of the loud demand from fans, as admitted by Miyake himself.

But with Dragon Quest VII, we were able to bring it over because a lot of fans were asking for it, sending letters, asking for it to be released and localized.

Achievement unlocked! Originally, Square Enix believed that the game was simply too text-heavy to be bothered with, but fans made their voices so loud that Square Enix couldn’t ignore them forever. Job well done!

Miyake doesn’t stop there though, stating that with Dragon Quest XI coming out in Japan next year, fans might want to let their voices be heard one more time. Hint hint!

So with the other games I just mentioned, and Dragon Quest XI… If more fans can voice their opinions on it and we see that people really want the game, there may be a possibility we’ll be able to make it.

Alright, I’m geared up and ready to start demanding! Who’s with me? Miyake says he hopes games like Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Heroes inspires fans of other genres to check out the main entries in the franchise.

However, not all is perfect. While tensions have clearly simmered down since the announcement of all these game, one game still remains on Japanese shores, Dragon Quest X. The MMORPG might prove to be too difficult to localize because not only does it need a total translation, it also must also operated on a daily basis in English as well.

“We want to bring X over. We definitely would love to bring it over, it’s just with Dragon Quest 10, aside from the immense amount of text involved in the localization, there’s also the operational aspect to it, being an online game. Square Enix is doing Final Fantasy XIV so there is that possibility. But it’s just a huge challenge to bring that game over.

I mean, this is just the reality of it all, and I’ve always acknowledged that this might be the case. MMORPGs are a totally different beast than offline RPGs, and while I’m not saying fans should give up, this is a much steeper mountain to climb than the Nintendo 3DS games.

My advice: buy Dragon Quest VII and all the rest, learn Japanese to play a Dragon Quest X hack, and focus everything on petitioning for Dragon Quest XI. The game has two versions coming out: one for the PlayStation 4 and potentially NX and the other to the Nintendo 3DS. We want to see both!

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