Dragon Quest VIII now available for pre-order on Nintendo 3DS eShop

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King is available for pre-order through the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The game will properly launch on Jan. 20, next Friday.

Nintendo’s official description sells the game very well.

Uncover the story of the Cursed King as you save the world from a twisted magician in this genre-defining role-playing game. Across the vast world you’ll wage turn-based battles against more than 250 monsters designed by artist Akira Toriyama. This updated classic also includes new dungeons, bosses, items, quests, scenes, and a new possible ending!

Dragon Quest VIII is the real deal. Buy it, and play it

The portable remake of the PlayStation 2 classic promises to be one of the biggest and best games that the Nintendo 3DS has ever seen. Somehow, the developers managed to keep the original’s grandiose feeling intact, meaning this will be one of the best console-to-handheld ports of all time.

Its predecessor, Dragon Quest VII, has always been a divisive title since it first launched in 2000, and even its Nintendo 3DS remake is admittedly not for everyone. Dragon Quest VIII, on the other hand, is universally loved with very few people ever finding something bad to say about it. Even casual fans of the series will find something to enjoy here.

In short, if Dragon Quest VII felt a little too old school or lengthy for your tastes, this is a game that will suit you far better. Better characters, better story, better combat, just all around better.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King will launch next week for the Nintendo 3DS on Jan. 20.

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