Draymond Green and Steven Adams got tangled up in another rough exchange that put both players onto the ground

Game 7 between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder featured another questionable incident with Draymond Green and Steven Adams.

While batting for a rebound in the second quarter, Green and Adams got tangled up, with Green eventually taking Adams to the floor and Adams landing on top of Green.

Replays appeared to show Green lock up Adams’ arm, then pull him to the ground. However, Green got the worst of it when he appeared dazed after Adams landed on his head.

Here’s the play.

Referees reviewed the play and called a double foul on both players, but Green may have gotten lucky not to be hit with a flagrant foul. After the NBA reviewed Green’s kick to Adams’ groin in Game 3 and ruled it a flagrant two foul, Green’s next flagrant would earn him a suspension.

The incident could push refs to be extra cautious with rough play in the second half.

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