Driving A Ram TRX On The Nürburgring Is As Sketchy As You Think It Would Be

Gif: Bridge To Gantry

As absurd as it is to own a Ram TRX in the U.S. given our wide roads and wide open highways, it seems doubly absurd that such a vehicle is even allowed to exist in Europe, but particularly in Germany. Maybe the only benefit of having a Ram TRX in Germany is the ability to drive it on a super sketchy lap of the Nürburgring. While the cost to get on the track for a lap of the 14-ish mile track is something like thirty euros, I’d be willing to guess this lap cost way more in fuel and even more still in brake pad wear.


The good folks at the Bridge To Gantry channel decided to take a Ram TRX and an Audi RSQ8 out for a lap, because they were the biggest and most powerful things in the Milltek Sport shop for them to run. The most fun thing to do with a TRX is to jump it off of shit, but the second most fun thing to do is to find a wide and winding stretch of road and cane that bitch for everything it’ll give you. Squealing wiggly tread block tires, cooked brakes, hot-ass supercharger, the works. The truck hates it, but you can’t stop laughing at how dumb it is.

I imagine this is a little bit like what the Blower Bentley Boys felt like when they took their massive machines for laps at Le Mans or whatever. Just let the machine wallow and jump over curbs and drift wide into the grass. It’s a good thing these guys are decent drivers, because anyone with less talent would have first-corner-of-a-Forza-public-lobby-race’d it up the backside of a McLaren or Porsche.

This is an indelicate machine on a track which truly requires finesse. It’s not subtle, but it’s ridiculous and hilarious to watch go down. Sometimes the best things to watch on track are the ones that absolutely don’t belong there. I’m not sure I want to try it, but who knows, maybe it’d be fun. Once.

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