Dwayne Hask… umm, nope, James Harden now … caught maskless with strippers, trade in jeopardy

Get a grip, James.

Get a grip, James.
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Ed. note: You may have caught our story earlier today on Dwayne Haskins being a dipshit.


Because “efficiency,” or something, Deadspin decided to just use that story as a template for all future “maskless head in topless bar” stories, assuming there would definitely be more. Little did we know we’d have another in less than six hours. So here’s our lazy-ass James Harden version:


So apparently, Washington Football Team quarterback Dwayne Haskins Houston Rockets guard James Harden likes strippers more than his career. After losing to the Seattle Seahawksthrowing a ball at a teammate on Sunday, Haskins Harden reportedly decided to party it up — maskless — with some strippers.

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Haskins, who has been on thin ice all season, Harden, who has been clear about wanting a trade as we approach the regular season, continues to make boneheaded decisions in an attempt to get himself traded. On December 3, he left his team in limbo by not reporting for the start of camp with little communication.

You would think that a player trying to get in the good graces of an organization that invested a first round pick in him a potential trade suitor, would try making some better decisions both on and off the field court. Yes, many NBA teams would likely look past the primadonna antics to acquire a superior talent like James Harden — he is an elite scorer that has averaged 30.4, 36.1, and 34.3 points per game over the last three seasons — but at some point, character concerns and locker room culture have to be considered.


Apparently at least one potential suitor, the Miami Heat, are no longer engaging in potential Harden trade talks.


Dwayne James: It was incredibly irresponsible and immature to party with strippers, maskless, during a pandemic. Beyond just being idiotic for potential trade scenarios, his actions are endangering the welfare of his teammates, coaches, staff, and their families. Not only that, but his team is set to tip off their regular season campaign tomorrow.

Selfish, wreckless, boneheaded behavior from a guy that doesn’t have the mental fortitude to be a team player. Cut bait and move on, Washington Houston.

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