Electric Ford F-150 Spied With Fake Exhaust

Sort of like this, but electric.
Photo: Ford
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Ford, as we’ve known for some time now, is building an electric version of the F-150. This makes a ton of sense on nearly every level, though the company took the unusual (?) step recently of trotting out a test version with an exhaust pipe that doesn’t look, let’s say, real.

There’s a slightly clearer picture out there, but this one is probably clear enough to establish that the exhaust on this truck is (likely) a fraud. Computer, enhance.

Hmm. The truck also has an independent rear suspension, apparently to accommodate the batteries, and while it could be a hybrid, Autoblog says the spy photographer heard nothing as the truck drove by.


It’s honestly been a little baffling to me why fully-electric trucks are not more of a thing, given that EVs have instant torque and the fact that trucks are mostly used for short trips, lessening range anxiety. But if I was any good at prognosis I’d be Warren Buffett or something, not humbly blogging for you.

A Ford spokesman said, “We don’t comment on speculation about future products.”

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