Electrify America’s New Charging Stations Will Be “Human-Centered”

Render of an Electrify America charging station in Santa Barbara, California

Render of an Electrify America charging station in Santa Barbara, California
Image: Electrify America

Charging stations don’t just have to be some random terminal in a parking lot where you wait for 45 minutes. Instead, they could be more accommodatingto you, the waiting human.


Electrify America’s CEO Giovanni Palazzo says that the company aims to make charging an experience, rolling out “human-centered” charging stations in a few cities across the country:

Electrify America will be reinventing the look and feel at many of our charging stations to meet and exceed the expectations of customers moving from a gas-powered vehicle to an electric lifestyle. “These new designs will help elevate the charging experience for our customers, building on the foundation of our ultra-fast and reliable coast-to-coast network.

Render of a San Fransisco charging station

Render of a San Fransisco charging station
Image: Electrify America

The press release reads like the company is trying too hard though, using buzzwords and phrases like “spatial, behavioral and emotional layers” and “a dynamic new environment.” It’d be easier to say that the charging stations are clean and modern in their design. Each of these stations will include 20 fast charges with features like customer lounges and areas to experience other EVs, solar canopies, valet charging and security features.

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The company is also rolling out new battery storage systems to help with energy loads and introducing new, simplified charges that are both customer-friendly and energy-efficient. The charges have features like recessed display screens that are brighter so they can be seen with sunlight glare, smaller footprints so more equipment can be put into one space, and a cable management system that makes the charger easier to plug into the vehicle no matter where the charging port is.

The plan is to introduce these locations to select sites in California and New York later this year and in 2023. California locations include Santa Barbara, San Fransisco, San Diego, Beverly Hills, Santa Clara, and Baker, while Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York will get two as well.

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