Etrian Odyssey V debut trailer – It’s not easy being green

Atlus confirmed the long-rumored latest entry in the Etrian Odyssey series last week, and it has followed up with the debut trailer. For what it’s worth, if you love Etrian Odyssey and are not yet sick of the formula, you’re going to love Etrian Odyssey V.

Unlike Etrian Odyssey IV, which received a much needed graphical overhaul when Atlus brought the series to the Nintendo 3DS, Etrian Odyssey V doesn’t do anything new on the graphical or artistic front. The celebrated team behind the franchise is still cranking out adorable character art and crude monster models in the same graphic engine, and, of course, everything is still green.

Now, I’m not one to dismiss a game in a series because it looks just like the ones before it. I’ve always tried to look at each game in a series by its own merits, beyond the continuing aesthetic. However, after three games of trouncing through the forest in this same engine, the Etrian Odyssey team is really going to have to do something special with the series if it wants me to slug through another one.

This goes double after seeing what it can do with unique aesthetics, like in the marvelous Persona Q.

I’m sure it will be a solid game, but we might need to wait for the Nintendo 3DS’ successor to get something that at least looks different. Etrian Odyssey V launches for the Nintendo 3DS on Aug. 4 in Japan. No word on the localization just yet.

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