Every Car You Thought Time Forgot Lives on This Instagram

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Minitrucks. Lowrider imports. Kandy paint Accords with scissor doors. These were cars of the magazine era, and you may have thought that the internet forgot about them. But you were wrong. Welcome to, where the chrome Lexanis never stop shining.

STREET DREAMS LIVE ON the page proclaims, and indeed, every wild paint, bubble eye, silver mesh car that I thought had died a long time ago lives on here. The page is a extraordinary collective of ‘90s and ‘00s style, cars that, at the time, I probably wished would be crushed instantly.

But nostalgia is a powerful force, and I now see the dreams projected onto these Accords and Civics that I couldn’t when I was flipping through the magazines at Tower Records, looking for the odd issue of EVO tucked behind Lowrider.

These are genuinely outstanding works of automotive art by the standards of today. Nobody in 2019 would make a lowrider NSX. We wouldn’t dare:


Same with a lowrider Viper:

Or RX-7:


There’s also worthwhile history on street rod cars that the social media era only glances at, like a pro street 560SEC. We see this car now as outstandingly over the top. Can we ever remember what it meant to see a car like this, built like this?


These are questions that are perhaps without answers, but they are best pondered while scrolling through this account, remembering futures past imagined, dreams half forgotten.

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