Every Motorcycle I Rode This Year: Ranked

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It’s hard to have a bad time on a good bike, and let me tell you folks, the bikes are good these days. It still blows my mind that I manage to ride motorcycles for a living sometimes, and all I have to do is pass my own personal judgement of those motorcycles on to you fine people. You’ve probably read some of my reviews this year, so let’s put them all in context. Here’s everything I rode this year and what order I rank them.

Of course none of these bikes really compete with each other in the market, but they’ve competed with each other for space in my heart. After the weird upside-down year that 2020 was, it was nice to get back to a bit of a normal-ish year in 2021. Obviously there’s still a pandemic raging, but getting my shots and keeping safety at a high level maintained my safety. Of course a mask or an inoculation do nothing when you shove an Indian motorcycle into the side of a mountain. Thankfully I recovered from that without any permanent damage.

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