Everything But The Most Expensive Miata Is Manual Now

The 2022 Mazda Miata now comes in white, I mean “Platinum Quartz Metallic.”
Photo: Mazda USA

The Mazda Miata is a firm favorite here in the office, so whenever there’s an update to the beloved two-seater we pay close attention. For 2022, there’s big news for all of the stick-shift fans as Mazda is killing off the automatic gearbox on two of the car’s trims.


In 2022, if you buy either the entry-level Miata Sport or mid-tier Club models, Mazda will only offer you a six-speed manual. If you want an automatic gearbox in your pocket-sized sports car, you’ll have to opt for the top-tier Miata Grand Touring.

That automatic Miata Grand Touring starts at $32,300 for the convertible, while the manual will set you back at least $32,800.

If that sounds like a lot for a Miata, don’t worry as the manual cars are more reasonable.

For 2022, the Sport trim Miata and its glorious manual gearbox will start at $27,300, and the mid-tier Miata Club starts at $30,800. There’s also an option to spec your Miata Club with Brembo brakes, BBS wheels and Recaro seats, which will set you back $35,300.

Reduced gearbox options aren’t the only changes coming to the 2022 car.

Other notable new features on next year’s Miata include a pearlescent white color, called Platinum Quartz Metallic, and a new shade of interior leather, which Mazda has dubbed Terracotta Nappa.


On the tech side, the new Miata comes with Mazda’s latest handling software called Kinematic Posture Control (KPC). The new system manages braking across all four wheels to improve handling in high-g corners.

Mazda says this has all been done to boost “confidence and driving enjoyment.”

The new car also has a host of weight-saving features, like aluminum fenders, hood and trunk, and an aluminum power plant frame.


Mazda has also upped to standard components on the 2022 car, which now includes anti-lock braking, front ventilated disc brakes, rear disc brakes with aluminum calipers, front and rear stabilizer bars, front double wishbone suspension, and monotube dampers, amongst other things.

All this means that if you are in the market for something new and fun in 2022, the answer is, once again, Miata.

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