Excellent News, Your Motorcycle Can Double As A Popcorn Popper

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Most of those “life hacks” you see online are useless because they’re engineered to get you to click on them and share them on your Facebook feed. It’s rare to come across a life hack that actually improves your life in some way, like this one does. I mean, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had a bucket of popcorn kernels with me on a motorcycle trip, but forgot my popcorn popper at home. Thanks to this video, I no longer need to fear my forgetfulness, I’ll still be able to enjoy delicious popcorn by dumping it into my motorcycle exhaust and revving the shit out of it.

Who doesn’t want a big delicious bowl of exhaust-soot flavored gourmet popping corn? It’s just like Orville Reddenbacher would have wanted it. Hot, wet with unspent hydrocarbons, and lightly carbon-ized is my favorite type of popcorn. It’s especially great because the kernels pop out of the exhaust tip with such explosive force that you’re bound to drop a few on the ground when you can’t catch them with your bowl. A bit of dirt just makes the corn all the better.

This is a tremendous piece of life-changing advice, and I can’t wait to rock up to a campsite on my motorcycle and just rev the shit out of it for twenty minutes in the early evening to make a bowl of bike corn. But don’t even think about trying to make popcorn with your car exhaust. What are you, some kind of heathen?

Via: Rideapart

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