Extra Crunch Partner Perk: Find peace of mind with ‘Spotify for Mindfulness & Sleep’ app Aura

Stress can come in many forms. Burnout at work, anxiety to close that big deal or, like everyone, suffering from the changes the pandemic has had on your startup. While we can’t cover all bases, help is on the way. Mental health and stress management is pivotal to keeping your brain at peak performance, so we’re excited to announce a new Extra Crunch Partner Perk from health and wellness app Aura. Starting today, annual and two-year Extra Crunch members that are new to Aura can receive a 30-day free trial plus 30% off an annual plan.

Aura, “Spotify for Mindfulness” is an Apple award-winning app for emotional health and sleep that brings you the world’s largest premium library of mindfulness meditations, stories and coaching tracks created by the top coaches around the world. Aura’s personalized recommendations give you the daily support you need to find peace — in just three minutes a day. Aura is loved by more than 5 million people around the world.

Two brothers, Steve and Daniel Lee, developed a passion for mental health as they set out to create a mobile application that deeply understood each person’s unique challenges and provided people with personalized, on-demand access to knowledge and wisdom shared by the world’s best coaches and therapists.

Learn more about Aura here.

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