Facebook Live now streams from drones and other devices

Facebook Live is still building momentum, but the live-streaming service just got a big boost. The company announced on Tuesday that you’ll soon be able to stream video live from a variety of devices straight onto Facebook’s platform.

The Facebook Live API makes it possible for hardware companies to add support for the service to their products. CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced the new feature with a little bit of spectacle at the company’s F8 developers conference when a DJI drone flew onstage while live streaming the presentation.

DJI is of several launch partners for the new API, and an upcoming update to the company’s Phantom drone will add Facebook Live support. You’ll even be able to see live comments displayed on drone’s physical controller and respond to them immediately. The social network also partnered with Livestream through its new Movi camera.

Facebook says Live is already a huge hit, adding that some celebrity live streams have attracted more viewers that the actual TV shows they star in. The service should expand to even more devices now that the API is available, making it easier than ever to share your experiences live online with a large audience.

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