Facebook said to be developing official Messenger app for Mac


Facebook is developing an official Messenger app for the Mac, according to a new report. The photo above purportedly shows a pre-release version being used by a Facebook employee, but the social network won’t confirm it’s real.

This wouldn’t be the first time there’s been an official Messenger app for the desktop. Messenger for Windows rolled out back in 2012, but after just two years without any significant updates, it was shut down, with Facebook saying it could “no longer support” the app.

Since then, however, Facebook has placed greater focus on its Messaging platform, with dedicated Messenger apps for mobile. Users on Android and iOS are firmly encouraged to use these over the built-in messaging features in the main Facebook app.

It wouldn’t be too surprising to see an official Messenger app for Mac, then — and given the social network’s popularity, the app would likely be a hit with millions of users. Third-party options are already available and enjoyed by many.

But you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up just yet. The photo above, which was obtained by TechCrunch, seems to show the Messenger for Mac app in action — but it doesn’t guarantee it will make its way into public hands.

“While it’s tough to see in this grainy close up, the official client the Facebook employee was working on includes a navigation tab bar in the bottom left,” reports TechCrunch. “It matches the tab bar options in official Messenger for iOS mobile app, including Recent, Groups, People, and Settings.”

We can only wait and see if Facebook makes this app official. It certainly seems like a plausible move, but that doesn’t mean anything until it is confirmed.

Would you like an official Facebook Messenger app for Mac?

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