Feel The Deep Satisfaction Of Painting Perfect Racing Stripes

I’ve never painted racing stripes on a car myself. But man, watching this video is right up there on the scale of satisfaction with hitting an exact increment at the gas pump or pulling a crusty booger out of your nose on a cold day.


As you’ll see if you hit play, this isn’t exactly “paint” but Plasti Dip. Plasti Dip applies like paint, in so much as it’s sprayed onto a surface, but it forms a rubberized and removable coating instead of a permanent color stain.

I think it’s one of the most fascinating consumer chemicals of our time. Spray paint without consequences! Kind of.


Depending on how hardcore you want to get with your application, you can mix the stuff up just like real paint and fire it out of a compressor-powered spray gun. Professional tools will, of course, yield better results but I will say the little chunk of my dirt bike that’s re-colored with the stuff fired out of a rattle can has adhered pretty well for the few months it’s been on.

As for how to lay down a perfect pair of stripes, this video’s host Fonzie basically breaks it down as: a lot of measuring, a lot of masking and rapid removal of the masking tape before your stripe-paint dries.

He starts by finding the car’s centerline and running a tape line down it, remeasuring more times than I would ever have the patience for. That’s why my racing stripes would look like a palm tree that’s been struck by lightning and not a crisp, clean line like we end up with here.


At about the 12:00 minute mark Fonzie and his helper start peeling the mask back and holy moly, the lines on those stripes are sharp enough to cut you. Beautiful.

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