Final Fantasy XV’s fantastic Omen short – Spend 5 minutes of your life with it

Ah, Final Fantasy XV, I want to play you. The game has officially gone gold, locking in its November 29, 2016 release date. It will hit the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on that day.

In order to mark the gold status, Square Enix sent around the video you see above. It’s called “Omen.”

Here’s the official word from Square Enix.

Omen is a conceptual CG cinematic trailer created by the world-renowned 3D animation studio DIGIC Pictures, who also worked on KINGSGLAIVE™: FINAL FANTASY XV. Noctis navigates a rapidly shifting world, endless waves of enemies, a gradual loss of abilities, and a madness that brings harm to his beloved fiancée. Inspired by the world and story of FINAL FANTASY XV, the trailer depicts a nightmarish “omen” for Noctis’ father King Regis—a catastrophic future that must be avoided.

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