Final Fantasy’s most insane batch of screenshots yet – Noctis or John McClane?

I thought we had seen all of Final Fantasy XV at this point. After all, the game went gold last week, and it’s less than a month away from launch. What more can Square Enix show without giving too much away at this point?

Well, this latest batch of screenshots shows many faces of Noctis. I see his usual, gloomy face in a few of the shots, but some of them show a side we’ve never seen before. A machine gun-wielding Noctis blasts his gun away like he’s John McClane, and in the following shot, he’s the Prince of Darkness himself, shirtless, bloodied, and looming a very threatening Lunafreya.

It looks to me like Noctis will have a Dark Side that we haven’t seen in the screenshots yet.

Square Enix also released a wealth of information with the images too, including this bit on magic.

Fire, Ice, and Thunder make up the foundation of Final Fantasy XV‘s magic system. You can purify magic using the elements you absorb and magic bottles found all over the game world. You can also purify magic in combination with items, rather than just elements, to add recovery effects or status ailment effects to the magic when used. By mixing and purifying these three elements, the kinds of magic you’ll get when it’s put to use will significantly vary. Magic isn’t just limited to Noctis either, his comrades can also use magic.

Final Fantasy XV’s summons are over-the-top too

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