Fire Emblem Heroes trailer reveals a parade a familiar faces for the smartphone game

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play tactical strategy game based in the universe of, well, Fire Emblem. You’ll unlock extra heroes through a gaccha machine (think of the thing you put quarters into for capsules.)

Heroes are random and you’ll get duplicates but their stats will vary. Those heroes, though? Based on the new trailer for the game, this will be a rundown of classic and familiar faces. I can’t wait to assemble an army of my favorite characters for this one.

Who’s your favorite Fire Emblem character?

I have an offbeat choice here. One of my favorite Fire Emblem characters is Sully from Awakening. When I played that game, she was the only hero on my roster that would force me to quit without saving in order to get her back after death. I’d let anyone else go. Sully, with her tough attitude and love of food, was awesome.

How about you? Who’s your favorite?

Fire Emblem Heroes will hit Android and iOS next week on February 2, 2017. That was fast, right?

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