For Sale: A Gold-Slathered Sikorsky S-76B Helicopter Owned By Soon-To-Be Former President Trump

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President Donald Trump has a thing for old aircraft. Ever since he failed to run an airline, Trump has kept a small personal fleet of aging planes and helicopters. The fleet started off with a 1968 Boeing 727, then a 1991 Boeing 757, and it has grown to include a 1997 Cessna Citation X and three Sikorsky S-76 helicopters. This 1989 Sikorsky S-76B with registration code N76DT is arguably his most famous and it’s up for grabs.


If this helicopter seems somewhat familiar to you, that’s because it made frequent appearances on The Apprentice.

Trump also used it in 2015 during a campaign stunt to offer rides to children at the Iowa State Fair. Fair officials didn’t like it, but he ignored them and did it anyway.


The other two S-76Bs in Trump’s fleet are another 1989, registered N7TP, and a 1990 model, registered G-TRMP. (It resides at the Trump Turnberry resort in Scotland.) These two helicopters feature a livery that is sort of inverse of his normal black, red stripes, gold letter, white bottom scheme.


Photo: Scott Heppell (AP)

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Trump’s rationale for buying really old aircraft is that he could buy big planes for a fraction of the price of a smaller, newer plane.

This Sikorsky S-76B rolled off the line in 1989 with two Pratt & Whitney PT6B-36A turboshaft engines. These B variants came with a bunch of upgrades over earlier models, like more powerful engines and improved avionics.


The Sikorsky S-76 series of helicopters sees wide use with many civil operators as well as by governments and VIP-style transport outfits. One S-76A was famous for not only circumnavigating the globe, but saving the lives of thousands of people as a rescue helicopter. Another S-76B was involved in the crash that claimed Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven others earlier this year.


The S-76B variant being sold here doesn’t appear to have any amazing accolades like flying around the world, but Vref Publishing (a company that provides aircraft values) valued the craft at $875,000 in 2016.

But something tells me a prospective buyer of this helicopter really doesn’t care about performance or cool entries in its logbook. Instead, I think the draw would be its interior, which includes a shocking amount of gold. Oh my, there’s so much gold…



Photo: Aero Asset

From the ad:

  • Six-Place Executive Cabin Interior with Panelling & Soundproofing System
  • Upholstered rear bolster, overhead emergency lighting
  • Floor to ceiling credenza unit in African mahogany veneer with lower zone -4 refreshment, condiment & ice storage drawers
  • Central zone drinks cabinet with 3 decanters
  • Upper zone accommodates Airshow Screen [this shows flight progress]
  • 3-4 Place forward-facing executive divan in Ecru/Almond Leather & African mahogany veneered fold-down table featuring dual cup holders and Ecru/Almond Leather armrests
  • Rear divan seat bottom extension with 3 compartments for miscellaneous storage in African Mahogany Veneer
  • Two (2) Aft-facing Reclining Captain’s Chairs in Ecru/Almond Leather with Tracking & Swivel Function
  • Cabin Door Magazine Rack (R/H Door Only)
  • Cabin Seats covered in Ecru/Almond Leather with Gold Seatbelt Fittings
  • Headliner & Window Panels in Cream Ultra Suede
  • Cabin Doors in Ecru/Almond leather with African Mahogany Panelling and Gold Fittings
  • Scott Groups Custom Dual Tan Saint John Carpet

It has room for you, five of your best buddies and plenty of White Claws for the flight. The helicopter can be flown under single-pilot IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), too.


This isn’t even The Donald’s most opulent helicopter. He spent $6 million upfitting one of his other S-76Bs with even more gold, complete with totally-not-a-scam Trump Water!

For $6 million I was kinda expecting something amazing like diamonds and whale penis leather, but whatever. In all honesty, I think these interior upfits are really neat, aside from the tacky gold plating everywhere.


Should you find yourself desperately wanting a piece of Trump in your life, you’re going to have to make an offer. Like an annoying Craigslist seller, Jet Edge Partners and Aero Asset hopes you’ll make an offer that’s probably more than it’s actually worth. No lowballing, they know what they have!

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