Ford Might Give You $2,000 If You Buy New Off The Lot: Report

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Automakers are constantly offering and withdrawing incentives to buy the cars they have on sale, and there is usually a bit of mystery about it, but I assume it usually has to do with inventory levels, in that they want to keep products moving in as balanced a fashion as possible. That remains true even in a time of a chip shortage and low inventories.


You also see lots of incentives in the second half of the year, as automakers look to get current model year cars off of sales lots to make room for next year’s models. Which is perhaps what Ford is thinking in offering a $2,000 discount to some buyers who purchase a car that’s in stock, or not a custom order.

CarsDirect reports that this is something called a “private offer,” or one that won’t be advertised and instead be offered to specific customers. That type of offer is intended to sell new Fords but also to reward longtime customers.

Ford is offering a $2,000 discount to customers who forgo a custom order and buy an in-stock vehicle instead. According to a letter sent to dealers, Ford says the latest offer is in place “understanding that some customers may not be able to wait to take delivery of a 22MY vehicle.”


Ford’s program bulletin says the in-stock discount is available through November 1st to customers with a “verified unscheduled 21MY Retail Order.” Most models are eligible with the exception of the new Ford Bronco, Maverick, F-150 Tremor, F-150 Lightning, and upcoming E-Transit.

Car incentives are usually complicated and hard to understand, which are things that work in favor of dealerships and automakers, in that its hard to negotiate when you’re coming from a position of not knowing exactly what’s on the table. This sounds not much different, though it’s possible that Americans tend to buy off the lot because they think they are better negotiators than they are. Ford might have a great deal for you in that case.

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