From unemployment to wages, here’s how the US jobs market has grown under President Obama

obama waving goodbye smilingPresident Barack Obama.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Barack Obama took office in the throes of the worst recession since the Great Depression, as the future of the country’s economy was in doubt and workers were being laid off like crazy.

Eight years later, it’s clear that the Obama presidency has been pretty solid for the US labor market.

Despite a mixed Friday jobs report — the US economy added only 156,000 jobs against expectations of 175,000 — the labor market has come on strong over the past few years after the financial crisis.

Technically, this isn’t the final report of the Obama era. The survey week, which is in the week of the 12th every month, for the January report will take place before President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated.

But it’s the last time Obama will be in office for the release of a report, leading the White House to put its final spin on what it said were eight years of “labor market progress” under Obama.

“Thanks in part to the forceful response to the crisis and policies throughout the eight years of the Obama administration to promote robust, shared growth, the US economy is stronger, more resilient, and better positioned for the twenty-first century than ever before,” the White House said in an email after the jobs report.

“Even with this remarkable progress, it remains important to build on these efforts to support further job creation and real wage growth in the years ahead.”

Let’s take a look, with the help of a few charts, at just how strong the jobs recovery has been under Obama and where it fell short.

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