Gear S2 iPhone support looks imminent as iOS app leaks online

Gear S2 support for the iPhone could be right around the corner. A leaked iOS version of Samsung’s Gear Manager app suggests that the official launch will arrive any day now.

Samsung announced plans to bring its high-end smartwatch to Apple fans earlier this year, promising an update sometime in 2016 without offering any specific details. Using the Gear S2 with an iOS device will likely come with some drawbacks, like some of the S Voice, payment and first-party apps that may only be limited to Samsung’s Android devices. Then again, the South Korean company still offers one of the best-looking smartwatches around, even if using it with an iPhone means losing access to a few features.

You can grab the leaked Gear Manager app now via the source link below, but you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone to actually install it. Even if you can, we don’t really recommend installing this unofficial software. It’s probably not worth the risk when an official release seems so close at hand.

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