Germany is still guarded against mobile payments – but there is a path to growth

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Germany remains relatively closed off to the idea of mobile payment services compared to other European nations, but certain marketing tactics may help consumers meet this technology with open arms.

While insecurities around mobile spending won’t vanish tomorrow, advertisers can break down the walls of their customers by recognizing their specific concerns and demonstrating transparency when addressing them.

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eMarketer has put together the report Germany Mobile Payment Users 2019 to create visibility around the factors impacting mobile payment growth and offer insight to advertisers looking to break through a guarded cash culture.

Some highlights include:

  • Consumer readiness with proximity payment services will depend on the perceived preparedness of retailers, signaled not only by the technology made available, but also the proficiency of staff on these services. 
  • Simplicity will shine as we see consumers lean towards third-party applications compatible with their current operating systems and shy away from services requiring additional smartphone updates.
  • While consumers still worry about being vulnerable to the perceived peril of mobile spending, incentives, like loyalty points and transit benefits, and security features, like facial recognition and fingerprinting, could be the way to win them over.

Interested in getting the full report? Purchase & download it from our research store.

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