Germany warns Tesla owners about Autopilot

Autopilot is still viewed as a very beta feature of the Tesla Model S, even though it’s widely available to in the electric car. It performs admirably well, but not good enough for German regulators.

Reuters said Germany’s Federal Motor Authority recently sent a letter to Tesla owners warning them about the Autopilot function. According to Reuters, the letter suggested that “the Autopilot function is purely a driver assistance system and not a highly-automated vehicle that can be operated without the driver’s constant attention.”

Autopilot isn’t perfect, Tesla drivers

To be fair, Tesla does advise that its drivers pay attention to the road at all times, despite the advanced functionality.

It seems to be that some drivers, however, think it’s safe to look away or take their hands off of the wheel for too long. That’s when things get dangerous and why we’ve seen accidents by drivers who put too much trust in the system. Nonetheless, it’s important to note when a government says it thinks a car’s features aren’t safe when not used properly.

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