Ghostbusters Lego set reveals new ghost

Lego unveiled a new Ghostbusters set as a tie-in for the upcoming reboot, and while it gives us a fun look at the main characters, it also reveals a crazy-looking demon ghost.

Toys are never completely indicative of what to expect from a movie, so let’s not take this as confirmation of a new character just yet. However, even if the demon doesn’t appear in the film, perhaps it gives us indication as to what kind of ghosts the team will fight. He looks ancient and deranged, and not at all suitable for little kids.

According to Lego, the character is known as Red Daemon, which doesn’t really tell us much. But the set shows Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth, with demonic red eyes, implying that he could get possessed by the mysterious spirit. Poor Kevin.

The Ghostbusters Lego set will be available for $59.99 on July 1, two weeks ahead of the movie’s July 15 release.

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