GitHub gets a dark mode

It’s GitHub Universe week and unsurprisingly, the ubiquitous code management service is announcing a slew of updates. Companies can now become GitHub Sponsors and invest in open-source projects by paying developers directly, there is automatic merging of pull requests (if that’s your thing), discussions for all public repositories and the beta of dependency reviews. GitHub is also making some updates to its continuous delivery features.

That’s all good and well, but let’s face it: you came here to see GitHub’s new dark mode.

Here it is:

Image Credits: GitHub

“Dark mode may offer respite from the visual overstimulation of a bright screen or simply give you a more consistent development experience across your text editor, IDE, and terminal. Whether you like your screen bright or if you want to feel like Mr. Robot in dark mode, it’s your choice in how you experience GitHub. Enable dark mode from your settings or set it to track your system preferences,” the company says. That sums it up pretty well.

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