Google and Netflix partner to bring Stranger Things sticker pack to Allo

Netflix’s most popular show of 2016—maybe ever—is getting the messaging sticker pack it so rightly deserves.

The streaming service has partnered with Google to bring a Stranger Things pack to Allo, and in the process has unleashed endless joy upon the world.

The pack offers 24 stickers, ranging from the adorable Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) to Barb (Shannon Purser). There’s even one of the Demogorgon, which some might consider a spoiler if you haven’t watched the show.

We can all use more Barb in our lives

As far as promotional tie-ins are concerned, you could do much worse than a Stranger Things sticker pack.

If at this point you haven’t seen Stranger Things, you really should. It offers an impressive blend of drama, science fiction, and mystery to create one of the most entertaining shows in recent memory.

If anything, watch it for the bad 80s hair and the wonderful friendships between the young characters.

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