Google Daydream View will be released Nov. 10

Google’s release of the Pixel is only part of the equation. Next week, the search giant will release the Daydream View, a $79 VR headset. You can pre-order it now from the Google Store, with orders set to ship on Nov. 10.

Announced last month, the Daydream View is Google’s first dip into VR waters, and the first headset to support its Daydream VR platform. The bad news is that only the Pixel and Pixel XL are considered to be “Daydream ready.”

At the moment, the Daydream View is part of a grander promise from Google. The launch will be very limited at first, but the search giant is hoping more headsets will support Daydream VR in the future. Other compatible phones are expected to be announced soon as well.

What about Google Cardboard?

The great thing about Google Cardboard is that it’s an accessible way to experience VR. If you have a smartphone, chances are it supports the Cardboard app. The launch of Daydream VR, which was introduced with Android Nougat, is decidedly different.

When the Daydream View does launch, it’ll support apps such as Hulu VR, YouTube VR, and a number of apps and experiences, including a tie-in to the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Unfortunately, you need very specific tools to enjoy Google’s VR future—again, much different compared to Cardboard.

You can pick up the Daydream View from the Google Store for $79. It will also be available at Verizon and Best Buy in the U.S.

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