Google for iOS just got a massive update

Google just rolled out a huge update for its Google for iOS application. It includes several features, one of which I’m particularly excited about. It’s called AMP.

AMP is Google’s super-fast webpage loading feature. It stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages.” If you Google something, you’ll find news articles about that subject and, if they’re coded with AMP, they’ll load almost instantaneously. It’s a feature in Chrome and it works great on Android, so this is its first time in the iOS application. You can spot an AMP story by looking for the small “AMP” icon next to a headline.

The update also includes sports video highlights in Google Now cards that will play right inside the application. iPad users will notice new keyboard shortcuts, which are accessible with a long press on the “Command” button. Points of interest, like local businesses, will also now report their busiest hours, allowing you to skip the line if you need to get in-and-out.

It’s a solid update all around, look for it in the iTunes App Store now, or just tap the handy link I dropped down below.

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