Google Maps Now Includes a Tab For Uber

Google Maps Now Includes a Tab For Uber

Google Maps will soon be able to give you time and fare estimates on a variety of ride-sharing apps so your drunk ass can get home in the least amount of time for the best price.

The update will include support for whatever apps you have pre-installed, but will also add some country-specific options (e.g. 99Taxis in Brazil and Hailo in the UK.) Best of all, the different Uber options will be listed side-by-side so you can decide if splurging for an UberBLACK is worth it.

Given that some companies are included in the app from the get-go and others (ahem, Lyft) require some amount of footwork on the part of the user, having Google’s support will make muscling away any market share that harder for smaller or up-and-coming services of a similar nature.


The new and improved Maps will be rolled out on Android over the next few days and coming to iOS “very soon.”

[Google Maps Blog]


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