Guggenheim Securities just bumped comp for investment-bank analysts for the second time this year as pay raises pour in for junior bankers

  • Guggenheim Securities has raised analyst base comp for a second time, Insider has learned.
  • Base comp at the investment bank will now start at $110,000 for first-year analysts.
  • Second- and third- year analysts will earn $120,000 and $130,000, respectively.

Guggenheim Securities, a division of the financial-services firm Guggenheim Partners, has raised base compensation for investment-bank analysts for a second time in a matter of months, Insider has learned.

The firm has increased base comp to $110,000 for first-year investment-banking analysts, $120,000 for second-year analysts, and $130,000 for third-year analysts, a person familiar with the situation told Insider. The person requested not to be identified discussing private matters.

The announcement was relayed on an internal Zoom call on Thursday afternoon, the person said. Derek Ahmann, senior managing director at Guggenheim Securities’ investment-banking division, made the announcement to a group of nearly 150 analysts, the person added.

A post by social media account Litquidity on Instagram indicated raises would go into effect as of Aug. 30.

A spokesperson for Guggenheim Securities declined to comment.

Insider previously reported that first-year IB analysts at Guggenheim Securities were told in May that, effective July 1, they would earn $100,000 at the first-year analyst level, $110,000 at the second-year analyst level, and $125,000 at the third-year analyst level.

Previously, other investment banks have exceeded the recently-set $100,000 norm in the industry. Evercore Partners raised first- and second-year investment-banking analysts salaries to $120,000 and $130,000 respectively, Insider first reported.

Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and Lazard have also all announced pay bumps for analysts and associates in recent weeks.

At Lazard, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Deutsche Bank, PJ Solomon, Barclays, and JPMorgan, entry-level investment bankers now take home $100,000 in base pay.

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