Guy Rents Ferrari 458 Italia, Wrecks It While His Passenger Screams At Him

Like all humans, I’m sure you like a nice helping of schaden with your freude, right? I’m not proud of it, but there it is. And a great way to get your daily helping of schadenfreude is to watch this dumb ass total a rented Ferrari 458 Italia by driving like an idiot.


This has pretty much everything: a $300,000 car, a 26-year-old driver used to driving his WRX STi, a poor speed:skill ratio, a passenger with more sense than the driver yelling uselessly to a wall of misplaced driving ego, and, of course, an unforgiving guardrail. Here, you can watch for yourself:

From comments from this Reddit post from a guy who was there, on that same Colorado road, it seems like the driver overcooked the corner, entering it the 30 mph corner at about 90 mph, went hard on the brakes instead of steering, and understeered the Ferrari into the guard rail.

All this while his passenger was screaming “THAT’S REALLY FAST,” and, you know, she wasn’t wrong.


Luckily, nobody was injured, and at least the driver had the decency to check on his friend before starting his well-deserved freakout. According to the original poster, the guy was at least up front with police when they arrived, and got off with a careless driving fine. His ego is still in critical condition and may not completely recover.

Because we live in an age of wonder, someone even managed to re-create the wreck—with the original audio track dubbed over for enhanced verisimilitude—on an Asseto Corsa racing sim:

Damn, that’s pretty close. Well, the ones where the car doesn’t flip and all that, or the PIT NOW guy magically appears.



Anyway, this is a good reminder that these intoxicating high-horsepower sports cars make good servants and cruel masters—like fire. They’re not toys, especially not on public roads.

Oh, and sometimes, pay attention to the screaming of your passengers.

One day I’m going to wreck some 50HP shitbox on camera and everyone’s going to laugh at me

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