Have you always wanted to see the bare bottom of Aaron Rodgers’s foot? Boy, do I have some good news for you!

Aaron Rodgers could have left these little piggies at home.

Aaron Rodgers could have left these little piggies at home.
Screenshot: Packers

After sitting out of several days of practice last week with an unspecified injury to his pinky toe, Aaron Rodgers left mid-game against the Vikings when it became “very painful.” Then yesterday, Rodgers made another appearance on the Pat McAfee Show — the very program on which we all learned that he was a raging anti-vaxxer — to talk about his quarantine and recovery from COVID. He said that he didn’t have any lasting effects “other than the COVID toe,” which the Washington Post reported on and subsequently confirmed is a real, if uncommon, side effect of COVID that includes swelling and discoloration and is medically referred to as “chilblains.”


Real as COVID toe may be, Rodgers does not have it, as he made explicitly clear by pulling his socks and shoes off mid-press conference and baring them for all the world to see. He was, in fact, joking on the Pat McAfee Show — although, to be fair to the Washington Post, most of the stuff Rodgers has said in the past month sounded like a joke and turned out to be dead serious. It’s a fractured toe, and Rodgers is demanding a “full apology” from the Post reporters for their “very entertaining story.”

Rodgers continued, saying, “That’s actually called disinformation, when you perpetuate false info about an individual.” Well, if anyone knows about disinformation, it’s Mr. Did My Own Research. He said he was disappointed in the reporting from “what used to be a reputable journalistic institution.” Again, if anyone knows about reputable…yeah, you get the drift.

Anyways, the main takeaway from all this is that we’ve now been subjected to a close-up shot of Rodgers’ foot, which hopefully won’t ruin your Thanksgiving appetite the way it did mine.

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