Here Are 15 Buc-ee’s-Branded Oddities You Can Purchase At Your Next Buc-ee’s Stop

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Photo: Lalita Chemello

“Holy shit.”

Those were the first words uttered out of my and my father’s mouths as our eyes fell onto the behemoth stop that is a Georgia Buc-ee’s last week. We continued to utter those words frequently throughout our visit. You see, for nearly a decade, I’ve watched a friend of mine (s/o to Skotty!), make frequent stops at this mythical gas station plaza, sharing his finds and fortunes. So mythical, that in fact, I swore if I ever came across one I would stop to see what it was all about. I sincerely was not prepared for what I was about to experience, nor do I believe anyone is when they first enter those doors.

This is not your typical Love’s or WaWa stop, which I thought were quite fancy to begin with. This is a travel center stop on steroids. Combine weird tourist attraction merchandise like a Disney World with a Home Goods vibe and traces of a K-Mart or Target and your local grocer, and you have Buc-ee’s.

I have yet to completely wrap my head around everything I saw, but while I continue to process that, here are some Buc-ee’s finds to bring you into this swirling tornado of gargantuan awesomeness.

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