Here Are The First Things You Learned To Fix On Your Car

“I don’t do major wrenching, I’m impatient and snapping off spark plugs is not a happy mistake. That said, I grew up with a family that bought a lot of problem cars, so at a young age I was helping diagnose issues left and right, and took on a DIY attitude for some stuff, even heading down to parts-picking junkyards.

“When I got my own car, it was a used Mazda MX-6 and the door inner panels were both coming off when you’d close the door, they were long doors and the panels couldn’t take the force. So I tracked down the tech sheet for the door, ordered the clips to the local Mazda dealership (which in a delightful surprise when I arrived to get my parts happened to be the dealer that Clark Griswold picks up the Family Truckster from in National Lampoon’s Vacation), sat on the ground and yanked out the door panels, changed all the clips, and popped those panels back on. It was very empowering.

“Not long after, I picked up a replacement set of taillight housings from Pick Your Parts and swapped them in as well, the old ones had begun leaking. Then it was changing the hood struts and little stuff like that ever since.”

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