Here Are The Worst Cars You Recommended That Someone Actually Bought

When my wife (fiancee at the time) got into grad school and needed a car to get to the train, she wanted something small and boxy (easy to park and see the corners), and the newest, lowest mileage car she could get for her budget. That ended up being an ‘04 Accent I found for her, and had suggested as my family had one that held up okay for us.

It was actually a fine car for her, but after a couple years, we’d moved in together in the city, so she no longer needed a car, and I got saddled with it. It was still fine and reliable, but a hateful little car with no A/C and terrible ventilation, to the point it was more comfortable riding a motorcycle in full gear in the middle of summer than being in that car. It was fine for 20 minutes in the morning and evening as my wife used it, it was awful driving all day as I had it.

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