Here Is Some of That Good Driving

You’re in your car. Surrounding you: honks, beeps, meeps, toots, bizz buzzes. What does not surround you? Good driving, as seen here, with the inimitable Jordan Cox passing roughly 900 cars at the start of this race at Bathurst in Australia, then moving to overtake yet more cars on the grass.

Jordan Cox is a name you may remember from being one of the toughest drivers to ever do it in a Honda Civic.

Cox sold that car and actually raced against it in this very race, running now a very, very custom old Datsun 1200. Here’s the rundown on the car, via Cox’s Facebook:

Improved Production Bathurst 2019 Race 3

Johnny Boston from Trackshcool was kind enough to lend me this rocket after the Zook failed. It’s got a CA18det, Skyline gearbox, Hilux diff, Bilstein shocks and plenty of grunt. Had breathing issues all weekend and kept pushing oil out of the catch cans. Started rear of grid for race 2 and 3. Race 2 we turned the boost down to try and make it last, which it didn’t. Race 3 we cranked it right up and just wanted to get as far up the road as possible!

Looking back taking to the grass up the hill wasn’t my finest moment but everything else I was fairly happy with. Except I did forget to turn off the launch switch at the start, whoops! I definitely found myself racing without a clear mind after working non stop on the car all weekend and racing the Evo in the 6hr. The boys did a great all weekend to help keep the car on track, couldn’t have done it without them.

I even got to race against the old EG Civic in this race. I ended up putting one on him over Skyline 😎

Make sure you watch right until the end, I parked the car in a really cool spot and left the camera running. You get an awesome perspective of how fast some of the Improved Production cars are 🏎


Let’s watch this race and pay some attention to that start. The actual number of passes is around a dozen by my count, if you’re curious:

If you watch the race from the broadcast, you’ll see why there were so many passes, with another recognizable AE86 getting put into the wall before the first corner:

Cox DNF’d in the race, according to the official results, so we can’t say how well he finished, but that’s beside the point.


So as you get back into your car today, think to yourself, “the Good Driving, it is out there, here, there, in my heart, on that grass, etc.”

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